Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Your Birthday, Have a Party!

Birthdays are THE BEST time to have cake without guilt--and a fantastic way to make your skinny friends eat cake too! Here are some of the tasty confections we have conjured up to help celebrate birthdays for young and old alike.

One of the more popular cakes these days is the purse cake--these are Louis Vuitton and Coach, respectively. They look like they're ready to be picked up and taken out shopping!

Another popular theme is the zebra print--we've created cakes and cupcakes with zebra print incorporated into them! Zebra looks great in any color combination, from traditional black and white to lime green!

Ladybugs are good luck--and they look adorable on a birthday cake!
A child's birthday is a big milestone--and a cake is a big part of the fun memories! Momma Confectionista has always made wonderful creations for her little Daughter Confectionista, and we want to pass along some of that joy to our friends and family!

This was for a 9 year old girl going through her "hippie phase"--hence the tie dyed t-shirt with the peace necklace! We did it in girly pastels instead of traditional primary colors to make it more lady-like.

The year before she wanted Sponge Bob Squarepants, so we did a picture of him under the sea, walking along the ocean floor. The "sand" is graham cracker crumbs!

Every little boy dreams of being a superhero--and Spiderman is always a favorite! The spiderwebs were piped on in buttercream and Spiderman was made of fondant. His webbing was drawn on with a food coloring marker!

And what would a little girl's birthday be without a unicorn cake? The flowers and the unicorn are made of fondant and the tail and mane were piped on with buttercream.

how about a spot of tea on your special day? this little teapot may be short and stout, but has plenty of sweet wishes! All of it is decorated in fondant and the handle and spout are made of gumpaste.

This cake is a baby shower cake, but it would also be perfect for a child's birthday party--any design that incorporates favorite animals or a beloved stuffed animal is adorable!

If your party is a small one, individual servings of cake can be just the thing--but why not make it fun with a mini-purse instead of cupcakes? Each mini-purse is about 1 to 2 servings--perfect for not only birthdays, but teas, luncheons, and bridal showers alike.
For the tech savvy birthday girl or boy, an iPod cake fits the bill! This is an iPod shuffle (mini size to serve 1-2), and they would also be great for a smaller party in a rainbow of colors!
If your birthday boy or girl likes to play Dance Dance Revolution or any other video games, a game themed cake is an awesome addition to the festivities! This cake was made to replicate the floor pad that goes with the Dance Dance Revolution game on Playstation.
This guy was made for a friend celebrating his 30th birthday--he specifically wanted a "bleeding armadillo" a la Steel Magnolias. The inside of the cake is red velvet, creating a "bleeding" effect when you cut into the cake. It's pretty gruesome, but when it's your birthday, you can get any cake you want! This would also be great for a groom's cake as well.

For the true sports fan, a football themed cake in the school colors is the best way to show your team spirit! These are also great as a groom's cake or bachelor party cake.

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